How to hide plugin in sidebar menu plugin list in 7.8 kibana OSS version

Need to hide plugin in sidebar but still plugin should be enabled
I tried doing my_plugin.enabled : false in kibana.yml file
but it is disabling my plugin completely from working it in background
So, Please tell how to hide plugin but plugin still need to work !!

If you are developing a plugin that registers an application, you need to set the navLinkStatus value to AppNavLinkStatus.hidden:

      id: 'example',
      title: 'MyApp',
      navLinkStatus: AppNavLinkStatus.hidden, // imported from `src/core/public`
      async mount(params: AppMountParameters) {
        const { renderApp } = await import('./my_app');
        return renderApp(params.element);

You can find more examples of plugins in the examples directory of the repo.

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