High Disk space utilization Elastic Indices

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On the ELK mount, we are seeing high diskspace utilization. We have docker image of elasticsearch 7.14 and indices is consuming 2.8T of space. Can we do housekeeping on this or update the ELK policy?. Or how to reduce this disk space utilization.
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Below are the details

  1. Cluster Node ELK
    Hot Phase ( Rollover Maximum Primary 50 GB, Max age 1, index priority 1)
    Warm phase : 8 days (Replicas Number of replicas 1, Data allocation : Use warm nodes),
    cold Phase :30 days,
    Delete Phase : 60 days

  2. mount size /indices is taking 2.7 TB

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The best way is to delete indices, likely by reducing the age in the relevant ILM action.

Is there way to have a job schedule to delete the indices or we need to do it manually Or we need to reduce the Delete Phase days

If you are using ILM, which based on your description you are, you define it the policy - Delete | Elasticsearch Guide [8.3] | Elastic

I appreciate your prompt response and thank you very much

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