High load on elastic search box


I have a single node deployment of elastic search on a machine with 8 cores and 15 Gb ram. I am running ES with 8 Gb of RAM.

With a load of 1000 requests/sec I can see high load on the machine (it goes up to 20. I can see that in top) and the query is taking between 35-40 ms.

i also ran optimize on the index to reduce the number of segments to one. A summary of the index is specified below.

          "num_docs" : 48324,
          "deleted_docs" : 7,
          "size_in_bytes" : 951383048,
          "memory_in_bytes" : 21405365,
          "committed" : true,
          "search" : true,
          "version" : "4.8",
          "compound" : false

My query is a geo_distance query. Need some help on what I can investigate to improve performance.


What version of ES are you on?

Hi Mark,

We are using elastic search 1.2.2 and indexes are in memory.