Ho can use date range?


I need help :slight_smile:

In date range field, I think that we are limited in the number of characters.

For example, if I put the following expression , it's ok :

but if I add parameters , I get an error:
or other expression that exceed 11 characters
I really feel that the error is related to the number of characters, not a syntax error .

Is it possible to exceed this limit ?

I need to recover first Tuesday of every month:
1st Tuesday of the month from 8 PM to 7 AM 1st Wednesday .
Which forces me to accumulate many parameters
I need to
but it is refused .

or I can put
now/w-1w+2d-5h to now/w-1w+2d+7h => Syntax ok < 11 characters
now/w-3w+2d-5h to now/w-2w+2d+7h => Syntax ok < 11 characters
now/w-3w+2d-5h to now/w-3w+2d+7h => Syntax ok < 11 characters
now/w-9w+2d-5h to now/w-9w+2d+7h => Syntax ok < 11 characters
now/w-10w+2d-5h to now/w-10w+2d+7h => Syntax ko > 11 characters

Example of correct syntax:

Can you help me please ?

I haven't tested it myself, but it may well be a bug - feel free to file an issue in Github with the team to get their take: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues