Date Range series in Kibana: how to fit the global date range filter of kibana?

I have created this date range filter on a visualization using the acceptable date formats

here is my first draft


OK, I am happy if I stick to now. But if I go back in time in my global filter, then the visualization is empty. This is normal behavior as we used now as reference.

How can I match the ranges to the upper bound of the global date range filter?

I'd like to use a variable that is the upper bound (2020-06-30 14:34:42) in the different ranges


This isn't currently supported, and I couldn't find an issue describing this. What syntax would you expect to use to indicate these variables?

You could have 2 extra keyword, one for the upper bound and one for the lower bound. and still the now keyword. Of course, it is only for kibana, not for elasticsearch (now is a keyword for elasticsearch)

So kibana should process those 2 keywords to replace them with the actual values before requesting.

In the mean time, how can I display bars with a shift in time for each bar? do you have an alternative?

This is not supported using the Date Range aggregation. I created an issue for you

I think you can do this using Vega. I recently wrote new tutorials for how to do this, and here's the reference:

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