Hosted geojson file on github but kibana is not loading it

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Kibana fails with the following error:

The geojson data is hosted at:

I am using the field "NAME_1" and my kibana config looks like this:

    - name: "All the states of India"
      url: ""
      attribution: "geohacker"
        - name: "NAME_1"
          description: "Name of state"

When I choose the Vector map World Countries with join field Two letter abbreviation, it is working fine.

Please tell me where I am going wrong.

(Bhavya R M) #2


I am not sure whats happening. I am going to ask our maps team here. @thomasneirynck?

Thank you,

(Thomas Neirynck) #3

hi @ashishmadeti,

when serving a file, make sure it is CORS-enabled:

I don't think github allows this. The solution is to download the file and serve it up yourself.

This blog post has some pointers:


(Ashish Madeti) #4

I don't think CORS is the issue here. I tested the link on (link to test) and it is working fine.

Please let me know if I am wrong.

(Thomas Neirynck) #5

Can you inspect the 400 error and see what the error response is effectively? Options requests precede other AJAX-calls when issuing CORS-requests, and it seems the handshake is failing.

(Ashish Madeti) #6

The problem does seem to be with
Although it does accept CORS GET requests, it responds to OPTIONS with 400: Invalid Request

I fixed the problem by hosting it on AWS S3 with CORS enabled.

Thanks for your help @thomasneirynck and @bhavyarm

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