Hosting ElasticSearch with Laravel PHP Framework

Ok, I've search for answers on this subject but couldn't get a clear guide.

I have an application that is PHP(Laravel precisely) based hosted on I've been able to setup everything on my local machine using the elasticsearch 2.0 PHP support version. In my application, I would not be the one doing the indexing, It is automatically setup that when a user publishes a record like "house for sale" it will index in the ES search & gets stored in my MySql database. Question: how do I link everything together using Elastic Cloud hosted service? More insight will be appreciated.

The closest tutorial I could find was this one:

This tutorial has step by step guide so it should be easy to follow. In tutorial, the author has used PHP and MySQL stack, but doesn't include any mention of Laravel. Maybe you could get some idea from this article.

And if I may ask, how did yo get my email address?