Using elastic with or without backend


this is my first post, and i'm quite new to Elastic.
A colleague and i had a discussion about the following use-case:

A public website with a frontend application (AngularJS) and a .net backend + mssql backend.
The websites searches (on a big set of criteria) through a real estate database. We'd like to replace the backend with elastic(cloud). This because of performance issues at peak hours.

To ensure the safety my colleague suggested to setup a Laravel (PHP) backend to handle the incoming requests from the angular application, organize and setup the request (from php) to Elastic.
Main reason is that a client could never query the whole "database". (The data isn't computed or enriched within PHP)

I'd prefer a setup without PHP and let X-pack handle the security of the data. So there's no PHP thread needed which still can cause performance issues when a large number of visitors use the website. (The website has to be highly scalable)

I do hope this use-case is familiair. Looking forward to your experiences.

Kind Regards Ramon

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