Hosting options for multi-cluster elasticsearch application

We're currently developing a new multi-cluster elasticsearch web

The app will will ever growing hard disk space to store the elasticsearch
data, as well as extensive integration to S3 (data backup). More CPU cores
are always beneficial and we'll need >= 16GB RAM for each node.

We've been considering a few of the usual suspects, including linode and

Assuming "full" server capacity, we'd be looking at something like a Linode
16GB, which has 8 cores and 386GB SSD and costs $160pm (or $1920 per
annum). A similar product from AWS would be something like a c3.2xlarge,
which would cost around $2750 per annum (1 year heavy utilization reserved
instance), which is around 43% more.

There are lots of pros and cons to each. AWS provides more flexibility
(security groups, elastic IP, etc), but generally provides less bang-for
buck. Linode's support is pretty awesome.

Is there anyone else in a similar situation that has worked with
high-availability, high traffic elasticsearch clusters (or similar)? Who
did you choose as your host, and why?

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