Hot/Warm architecture and Machine-Learning

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How ML node works in How/Warm data node architecture? We want store aprox. 6 months on Hot data nodes and aprox. 18 months on Warn nodes. Because all data will go through hot data nodes, is it necessary to have ML node also connected to warm nodes for right anomaly detection?

As long as all data that you want ML to model/analyze is searchable, it will be fine.

In most cases, once you've run ML on some historical data to help build the models, ML runs on "real-time" data (data in the last X minutes, for example). In this mode, ML will only be routinely looking at data in your hot nodes.

@richcollier Thank you for you answer. I have one additional question.
Do we need license for warm data nodes If our solution will be fresh new cluster (ML, hot/warm data nodes, etc...) with no historical data for ML to be functional?

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The license need to cover all nodes in the cluster.

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