Hot warm architecture elasticsearch

I have 7 node cluster,
master nodes - 3
hot nodes -2
warm nodes-2

An application creates daily indexes and sends indexes to a cluster.
I want to use hot warm architecture for this cluster.

I want to know how to use the ILM policy without re-indexing(changing the index name) to move data from the hot phase to the warm phase...

index pattern ex: abc-{year}-{month}-{day}
Using elasticseach 7.10.1

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First, you need to define your node's roles, i.e., hot, warm and cold.
Then you just configure your lifecycle policy and enable your phases. They'll automaticly move to the next phase when the conditions are met.
I suggest you read this blog. I'm sure it'll answer most of your questions.

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Thank You immediate response.

Before I configure the hot-warm architecture, warm nodes(now) were configured as data nodes. Then how do I configure warm nodes?

node.role = [data_warm, data] or node.role = [ warm_data ] ?

Thank you!

According to docs:

In a multi-tier deployment architecture, you use specialised data roles to assign data nodes to specific tiers: data_content , data_hot , data_warm , or data_cold . A node can belong to multiple tiers, but a node that has one of the specialised data roles cannot have the generic data role.

So you should use node.role = [ warm_data ]

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I referred above resources. But I was unable to find a method to move data in the warm phase without changing the index name.

I want to know how to move hot data to warm data nodes and will every rollover action change the index name after moving to the warm phase?

Can I move data from hot to warm by using index.lifecycle.indexing_complete is set to true?

Thank You!

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