Hot / Warm by shards

With the hot / warm architecture it is possible to route an index based on the box type. However, is it possible to route some shards of an index only. For example, with a 4 shard index, is it possible to have 2 primary shards on hot and 2 primary shards on warm ?

Primary and replica shards typically do the same work, so what you are describing would not really be a hot/warm architecture. You can also not control where a primary shard is located as Elasticsearch need to be able to promote replicas to primary as it sees fit.

Hmm, I see, the case I'm looking at is due to space restrictions. The hot node has storage that is performant but has limited space. There is an index that has 4 primary shards, when space is limited I was hoping it might be possible to put two of those shards on warm and keep two on hot with the goal being that at least 2 shards are on hot so would perform better.

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