Hot-warm 'move index' does not delete index data from original node

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I'm experimenting with introducing a 'warm' data node as explained here:

I've allocated my indices to my 'hot' node and have attempted to move a single index to my 'warm' node, which appears to have been successful. I moved an index called analytics-pageview-2016-08-30 - here's the pertinent output from /cat/_shards:

analytics-pageview-2016-09-20 1 p STARTED     967053 297.9mb Ocean        
analytics-pageview-2016-09-20 1 r UNASSIGNED                                           
analytics-pageview-2016-09-20 0 p STARTED     966107 298.1mb Ocean        
analytics-pageview-2016-09-20 0 r UNASSIGNED                                           
analytics-pageview-2016-08-30 1 p STARTED     841559 256.9mb    Lady Octopus 
analytics-pageview-2016-08-30 1 r UNASSIGNED                                           
analytics-pageview-2016-08-30 0 p STARTED     842086 255.9mb    Lady Octopus 
analytics-pageview-2016-08-30 0 r UNASSIGNED                                           
analytics-pageview-2016-08-31 1 p STARTED     920134 279.2mb Ocean        
analytics-pageview-2016-08-31 1 r UNASSIGNED                                           
analytics-pageview-2016-08-31 0 p STARTED     919752 284.1mb Ocean        
analytics-pageview-2016-08-31 0 r UNASSIGNED                                  

However on my 'hot' node, I can still see that index's data:

$ du -sh /var/lib/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices/analytics-pageview-2016-08-30
514M	/var/lib/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices/analytics-pageview-2016-08-30

Will this eventually be cleaned up by elasticsearch following some criteria being satisfied?

I'd greatly appreciate any advice you could offer.

(Yannick Welsch) #2

yes, the criteria is that there are enough shard copies in the cluster. You specified that shards of this index must have 1 replica. In your current cluster, only the primary is allocated. As long as no replica is allocated, the cluster will keep the extra copy of the data around.

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Ah - that makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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