House Keeping the dedicated monitoring deployment

Hi, just want to know how we housekeep the dedicated monitoring deployment. I would imagine we will need to remove indexes that reach a certain age such as 30d. Cheers, Martin

My dedicated monitoring deployment has been running for 3 days now. The index, .ds-.monitoring-es-8-mb-2023.12.04-000001, in particular, is now about 12GB. I thought a new index would be created every day. Anyone will be able to shed some light on this? Thank you very much.

Hi @Nww_Pot_Fung_Nng

No you will need to go into the managed ILM policy and change the settings if daily rollover is what you want. It will tell you it is managed but it is just a warning... (it could get set back with a major upgrade but I am unclear with that)

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