How apply geoshape filter in Kibana search bar?

Twitter data have a field called "place.bounding_box.coordinates" which give a rectangle bounding box of the user location using array type (e.g.,85.605, 30.356, -85.605, 35.001, -80.743, 35.001, -80.743, 30.356). I want to apply geoshape filter to search the tweets with "place.bounding_box.coordinates" intersect with a given bounding box "{"lat":57, "lon":-96} to {"lat":-41, "lon":-73}".

I tried putting the following in the Kibana search bar, and it gives an error.
place.bounding_box.coordinates: "{"lat":57, "lon":-96} to {"lat":-41, "lon":-73}"

If I change the "place.bounding_box.coordinates" into a point coordinate "coordinates.coordinates", it will work, and which will be geo_bounding_box filter. However, I want to include those user's bounding boxes intersect with the given bounding box. Could anyone let me know how to apply this geoshape filter in Kibana?


What error do you get?