Tilemap geo Bounding box filter not working properly with discover searches


I observe a strange behavior while using geo bounding box filter on the tile map. I am trying to filter individual records that fall within a geo bounding box. I have included these records by saving a "Search" from the "Discover" tab, and opening it in the dashboard.
The strange behavior I see is that with a regular bounding box filter I see "No results found" in the Search widget, while an inverted bounding box filter would works as expected. I have included screenshots as follows: 1) no geo bounding box filter, 2) regular bounding box filter, and 3) inverted bounding box filter.

Is this a bug? Is there any plan to fix this?

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It may be a bug, in which case, yes, we would love to fix it ;). All this data is coming from Elasticsearch directly, so it's very strange that the two don't match up.

The saved search Custom_diffs_records_removed you have here, are you sure it doesn't have any filters or queries of its own that may causing results between it and the map to not match up? Based on the yellow I can see in the blurred out data, it looks like you at least have a query in there. If the map is showing results that don't match that query, then it would make sense that the results in the two differ.

Thinking along the same lines, is the map created using a new search, or is it also based on the Custom_diffs_records_removed saved search?

If it's not using the saved search, I'd recommend making a new map that does use that saved search and see if they are still out of sync for you. When you create the new map, select "From a saved search" on Step 2.

Then add that map to the Dashboard and try again.


Thanks Joe for your response.

The yellow are the occurrences of time_zone, that the data is already filtered on on all the 3 images. The time_zone filter does not affect the behavior of the geo_bounding_box in this case, and I needed it to simplify my problem. The count number in the data table CustomDiff_Feature_type displays how many records I'm expecting to see in the search. Aside from the timezone filter, I don't have other filters. It just projects the data on two fields for sample records in the given bounding box.

I also created the tilemap visualization using the saved search Custom_diffs_records_removed and it behaves exactly the same as the tilemap I included above.

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That does sound like a bug then. I wonder if it has something to do with the bounding box and "rounding" of the locations on the Elasticsearch side, but then I'd expect the Count there to also be 0. Strange.

Any chance you can share the saved objects from your .kibana index? I'm not sure the best non-public way to handle that, but I figured I'd ask, and it might be helpful to see.

In the meantime, I'd encourage you to open an issue on the Kibana repo. The content of your very first post should be sufficient with maybe a little tweaking. The screenshots are especially helpful. Feel free to link that issue back to this thread as well.


Thanks Joe. I did file this as a bug in the Kibana github: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/8140

Looks like this issue has been fixed in future versions of Kibana and ElasticSearch.
I observed this issue with Kibana version 4.5.1 and ES version 2.3.2
The issue is resolved with Kibana 4.6.0 and ES 2.4.0

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Excellent, thank you for circling back here too, it's always helpful to other users.

Sorry I didn't know that already, I've been pretty heads down on other projects. I'm glad it's working now, hopefully it's not too much work to upgrade your stack.

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