How behavioral analytics support for Relevancy tuning

if we integrate behavioral analytics as mentioned here Behavioral analytics | Enterprise Search documentation [8.9] | Elastic, (browser tracker or JS tracker), does relevancy tuning of search result happen automatically?

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Hi @karmegasamym, you will need to implement your relevance tuning based on behavioral analytics yourself. We don't provide this automatically, because we cannot know how a user may want to tune their results based on analytics resuls.

Thanks @Sander_Philipse for your quick response. I have one more follow-up question on Relevancy Tuning. Does Elastic supports relevancy tuning automatically?.

I'm not sure what you mean by automatically. We have a number of tools that can help you tune the relevance of your search results, but what's best really depends on your use case. You might want to look at App Search relevance tuning.

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