How can change the data node to master node?

I have 3 data node, so I want to change the one node for master and another two nodes for data nodes.

If you have 3 nodes in tbe cluster you generally want them all to be master eligible and hold data in order to improve resiliency and allow the cluster to continue working even if one node fails.

like Christian said.
I have run three node cluster with all master, all data, all ingest, all kibana for long time no problem.

But I want to enable Quorum-based decision making for Production use.

If you have three nodes that are all master-eligible and data nodes, master election will be performed based on quorum.

I therefore do not understand what you are looking to achieve by changing node roles.

I thought, If one data server is down then the master node is store that data. So I want to change that.

I have another question.

how to improve the production for this kinds, because I want to store the data while the server is down and logs also hits per minute.

If you have 3 nodes, make all store data and be master eligible. Also ensure all indices have a replica configured. If one of your nodes then fail, the remaining two will be able to form quorum and the cluster can continue operating.

Thank you ... for quick response

I got it

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