How can I add metaFields by commandline


I would like to add metaFields using curl command.

How can I do this?

Br Mathias

Hi Mathias, which meta-fields are you trying to add? Here is a list of available meta-fields: At that link, you can also find examples of how to use curl to specify the _parent, _routing, and _meta meta-fields.


Hi CJ,

I tried to use dockbeat's dashboard.
These dahsboards uses fileds called net.xxxx
Since the net fileds were not created in the my events I thought I could work around the errors in the dashboard by defining those net fileds as meta fileds.

Unforunately this did not work since the meta fileds never showed up in the list of fields in visualization.

I found similar dashboard using metricbeat so I decided to go for this instead.

Br Mathias

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