How can I become a part of Elastic Team Member

Hi All,

I wanna become a member of Elastic Team. What are the per-requisites? Can anybody please guide me.

Thank you


If you meant on this forum, the prerequisite is to be an employee of Elastic, an elastician.

If you want to join the company, have a look at the job offers we have at:


As I'm seeing that all Elastic Team Members reply any query that we post here on discuss. All of them are part of Elastic Team. But the jobs are bit different like as Team Lead or Director level position. I want to ask If I want to become part of elastic team for technical replies of queries on discuss. What will I need to do? Thank you!

People who are replying here with this badge are elastic employees. All are volunteers.
Some of them are developers, trainers, consultants, evangelists, support engineers, solution architects...

Thank you Sir! It means the only option is to apply in Jobs section of elasticsearch website. Thank you.

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