We're looking for community members to test Elastic Serverless!

Hey everyone :wave:, my name is Scotty Saunders - I’m a UX Researcher here at Elastic. I’m also part of a larger team helping design and build out a serverless/fully managed offering for Elastic solutions. Our UX research team is looking for community members to participate in collaborating and testing out the experience over the next several months.

We are looking for all types of community members:

  • Long-time members
  • Members new to Elastic and our solutions
  • All solutions and use cases (Elasticsearch, Security, o11y, custom uses, etc.)
  • Basically any and all types of roles/positions that use Elastic

If you are interested, you can sign up for our UX Labs program here and our team will reach out to you as we test and collaborate with you to improve and refine this offering.

Bonus: We’ll send you a $50 gift card for your time, any time we test with you.

Our tests will vary based on what features we are building out or testing, but will likely include everything from quick, unmoderated tests to 1:1 interview sessions where we’ll walk through concept designs, collaborate with you on your feedback and perspective. For most of our early testing we'll be working with design prototypes, not fully functioning code.

We hope to start this testing within the next few weeks. Please sign up or reach out if you are interested in learning more.

Thanks so much!

Scotty Saunders
Elastic UX Team

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