How can I calculate difference of count from last day with TSVB metrics?


I as trying to use derivative of count to calculate difference between count from today and yesterday, but the value shown is 0

Could you help me?

Thank you


Hey @Hugo_Pires!

This blog post might be able to help you figure this out (it has several examples of using derivative):

If you're still stuck after that, can you share what you have so far?

Hello and thank you

I've tried this tutorial but I guess it was not what I needed.

I was looking for a TSVB metric that shows the percentage of variance between the current time bucket (day or hour) and the previous one. According to the signal of variation it will be red or blue - how to do that I have already figured out. The nice to have would be a "conditional" markdown with up arrow and down arrow according to the signal.

Thank you

That doesn't sound like a feature we currently support. Feel free to create a feature request on the Github repo and we'll make sure the right team sees it. Thanks!

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