Comparing two counts - gauge or percentage


We've got two metrics which we would like to compare. One is a count of total work items due for a day. This builds up as hundreds of thousands of events are received during the morning. Let's call the count of these totA.

Over the entire day, we receive a different set of events into the same index, which denote each work item being actioned. Let's call the count of these totB.

I want to show a comparison between these on a dashboard. Ideally this would be a gauge, measuring totB but with maximum range set as totA.

Alternatively, I'll settle for showing a metric, calculated as totB / totA as a %age.

But I can't work out how to do either!

Suggestions gratefully received, thanks.


You can try with the TSVB (Visual Builder) visualization using the Math aggregations. I think this would be the only way to achieve it.

Thanks. I'm not familiar with that tool but will look into it.

It'd be better though if gauges could have dynamic limits, based on the count of a filter.

You can try and use the parameters from the Math aggregation but i'm not really sure they work in TSVB for now. If you can't get the dynamic limits to work, an enhancement request for it would be great here:

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