Dynamic range in Goal or Gauge visualization in 7.4 or above


I'm new to Kibana. Looking for some help here.

Anyone knows how to use "Gauge" or "Goal" as a "meter".
For instance, to present a success rate which is a on-going thing.

I defined a field like "Performance", and each log contains either "successful" or "failure" in the "Performance" field.

Is there a way to show the "percentage of successful out of all the logs"?

Yes, I tried the pie chart or donut. But the "Gauge" look much cooler! :smiley: :sunny:


Hi, welcome to the community! Because you mentioned that this is log data, and that you want it to show as a percent, I think you would be best served by the TSVB filter ratio feature. TSVB supports a gauge visualization. Check out this blog post about it:

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Cool blog! Thanks for sharing!


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