Dynamic maximum range in Kibana 5.6.5 (Gauge)

I am using Kibana version 5.6.5; is it possible to have a max range value that is dynamic for the "gauge" or "metric" visualization in order to display an accurate percentage?

We are using Kibana to display the results of some Jenkins jobs and I want to display pass/fail percentage. Currently I display a gauge with a count for the number of tests ran, and two other gauges that display the pass and fail count.

What I really need is a single visualization (metric or gauge) with a percentage of tests that passed and the max range need to be dynamic (instead of static) based of the total number of tests ran within a given time frame in order for the percentage to be accurate.

The "Pie Chart" visualization does this, but there is no way to simply display a metric with the percentage.

Hi! I don't have any solution for you unfortunately but this matter has been discussed a few times already:

It's apparently not possible yet but you can take a look at the workarounds in the last two threads I linked.
I hope this will help you.

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