Creating Gauge Visualization in percentages

Hi Team,

I have two numerical fields that contain Success & Error Transactions.I'd like setup gauge in percentages.
Success TX's %=Success TX's/Total Tx's100
Error TX's%=Error TX's/Total Tx's

This should leave me with a success & error Transaction percentages in guage.
Help me to create guages.

Unfortunately, gauges in Kibana only work with a static upper bound, so you can't do what you're asking for with a gauge (unless, you have a static upper bound, but that's really unlikely).

The only way to get a percentage chart in Kibana is to use a Bar chart (horizontal or vertical) and set the bar axis to "percent mode," which you can do in the sidebar under Metrics & Axes:

Then you can use a Filter agg to only show the value(s) you care about. In your case, you'll want to filter on success_field: 1, where success_field is the success indicator field, and I'm assuming you are storing a 1 or 0 in there. tweak as needed. Here's an idea of what you'll end up with (of course, my data is quite different from yours):

Alternatively, if you stores success and error in the same field (where success was 1, and error was 0), you could see what you wanted with a pie chart too, which would show the relative percentages of each value. As far as I can tell, there's really no other way to get percentage info out of Kibana.

hi @Susmitha_Devathi seem like we have the same needs I created a github topic related to that don't hesitate to like it if you want this feature to be added in a future Kibana version :

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