Gauge/Goal visulation - divide two counts


I'm trying to make a gauge/goal visualization that shows the percentage of successful requests (success / total).

So far I managed to make a visualization with timelion that has an approximated result using the following expression :

    .es(index=index, timefield='@timestamp', metric='count', 
q='status : "success"').divide(.es(index=index, timefield='timestamp', metric='count')) 

Now i'm trying to have a visualization that shows this overall ratio. I tried using time builder with a filter ratio but is giving me an error of Maximum buckets exceeded and I'm afraid to change this value since I'm looking to a big amount of data. I also tried using a pie chart but this doesn't allow me to set a specific color when the ratio is lesser than a value, like the gauge does.

Would appreciate any suggestion.

Depending on what version of Kibana you're using, you could try doing this in the Visual Builder visualization. It has a goal option and more settings you can customize.

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