Visualize: Divide values of 2 filters

Running Kibana 5.6. What I would like to know if it is at all possible, to do (filter2/filter1)*100 in another way (Completed/ATTEMPTS)*100. I have tried multiple ways with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Frank_Matera,

the Time Series Visual Builder visualization type offers a Filter Ratio aggregation, that seems to do what you are asking for. It allows you to enter separate filters for the numerator and the denominator and calculates the fraction. You can then further process it using a Calculation aggregation (e.g. to multiply with 100) or just configure the axes the way you want.

Thank you @weltenwort

This looks promising, but I am having issues. If I set it up as a count and apply my filters, I seem to have no issue. I see the data but when I try filter ratio, I do not see any results. Would you be able to assist on what I am doing incorrectly? Thanks again.


The numerator and denominator fields directly expect the filter expression. If you want to also display the values of "Attempted" and "Completed" you can just add this as an additional metric:


It might also be helpful to put the ratio on a separate axis because it will have a dramatically different value range:


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