Filter Ratio issues


I'm using Kibana 7.5.2 and I'm facing some issues using the Filter Ratio.
WHat I'm trying to achieve is to have 2 bars in a time series, showing Total number of Partners vs Total number of "interested" partners (tagged with a specific "Interested" flag.
On top of the 2 bars I'd like to show the "percentage" line of interested vs total, evolving in time.
Issues faced:

  1. Time series shows 2 bars one besides the other only when not adding a new metric for the percentage. Once the new "Percentage" metric is added, the bars are stacked even though "None" is selected in the Chart type. -> is this a known bug?
  2. The "percentage" calculated by Kibana seems totally off, I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. But if I have 13 Active Partners and 3 Interested Partners I dont understand how Percentage can be 100%. -> What am I missing?

    Thanks a lot
    Stefania Paolik
    Thales Services FR

Here is a blog post that helps explain how to display percentages


thanks, I had already seen this page, but it doent answer to all my points.
I really need side by side bars, and not stacked. I cant seem to get the side by side when using filters. Is this a bug?

Also, how is Filter Ratio calculate the percentage? if I have A (unique count of partners for month of may)=80 and B(unique count of interested partners for month of may)=10 and I have A as denominator and B as nominator, I expect to have a resulting ratio percentage of 12,5%. I get 100% today. I dont understand.

Stefania Paolik

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