Kibana canvas gauges


Is it possible to create a dynamic gauge in Canvas, just like on visualisation dashboard, setting a goal from data?

Thank you


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Hi @Hugo_Pires,

Should be possible,

Try using Progress > Gauge element.

And then using condition change it's color.

Something like this:

| demodata
| math "mean(percent_uptime)"
| progress shape="gauge" label={formatnumber 0%} font={font size=24 family="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" color="#000000" align=center} valueColor={switch case={case if={all {gt 0.75} {lt 0.9}} then="yellow"} case={case if={gte 0.9} then="red"} default="green"}  
| render

Thank you.

That's very useful. But I would like also to know how to set dynamic maximum - the total based on percentage is calculated.

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