Kibana "Goal" Visual - how to make the end of the scale dynamic

Dear Kibana & ES team,
We are trying to use the Kibana Goal Visual to represents a proportion of a metrics over its total.

E.g. Newly Received Emails / Total of Emails
E.g. 16,700 new emails / 100,000 of total emails

We don't know how to make the range of that widget dynamic, representing the total of emails received in the example above (100,000). we cannot' use static range as we cannot foresee is the application receive 100 or 1,000,000 emails. any predefined range will not work well.

It seems that the option "Auto Extended Range" does not meet the need or is disabled.
Is there a solution for that problem.

Please advise

I think this question is similar to Dynamic range in Goal or Gauge visualization in 7.4 or above. Could you take a look and see if that helps? I believe you'll have to use TSVB for this.

Hi Lukas thanks for the link. I'm trying to follow the example in that page and determine the Filter Ratio for my exmple

As you see from this screenshot, I'm now succeeded to calculate the ratio, which in my example is 16.7%, but the Gauge bar looks like reaching the end of the scale (100%) if the value just 16.7%. I cannot find any settings to configure the range between 0-100. Any advise why I'm getting this behavior?

Thanks in advance

Is there any follow up on this problem?
Why does the Arc Bar show 100% (green) if the Filter Ratio is just 16.7%?
Did I miss anything?

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