Metric visualization with date range calculation

I have a metric type data that I get every 10s from the EMS Server and one of the properties is: inbound message count. It's a total inbound message count for the EMS server. What I'd like to achieve is to create a metric that will show me how many messages came to EMS, so for example, at 12:00 Elastic gets inMessageCount=1000 and at 13:00 it gets inMessageCount=2000. How to create a metric that will count the difference (2000-1000)? That should be based on time range set in dashboard.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, you can use TSVB for that and apply the Counter Rate aggregation. This basically applies in sequence: a max aggregation over the current date histogram (getting the last counter value), then apply a derivative to get the difference between that value and the previous bucket. If the counter resets at a specific number, the "counter rate" applies also the positive only function seeing a huge negative dip in the rate.
The mechanism is also described here: Visualizing observability with Kibana: Event rates and rate of change in TSVB | Elastic Blog

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