I want to create a gauge that displays number of documents in a certain timeslice vs total documents


I am using Kibana 6.0 and fail to create a gauge that visualizes the number of documents that fall withing a timeslice timestampfield:[now-1y TO now] compared to the total number of documents without slicing. How to best approach this? I could not find a good tutorial online

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I think goal chart will work for you. You can add the number of total documents in ranges under options. Check and let me know?



Hi, but will this work if the number of total documents changes over time? This would imply that I always have to update the range manually

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Ah. You do have to update it manually.
@thomasneirynck any ideas?


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hi @anchasis @bhavyarm,

this isn't possible with the current gauge, comparing two metrics in the same gauge.

There's other charts you can make to compare these. You can make two bar-charts and position them next to each other on a dashboard: one for the total number of charts, and the other for the selection.


Thank you for your answer. I will take that as a solution.
Is there anything else I can do, for example with the "Visual Builder" for example?

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