KIbana time filter


I got an object (item) with a start_date and end_date, I need to make the count day by day of the number of the items opened (where the current date in x-axis is present between start_date and end_date) and display the count of the items opened in historical graph.

did you have a solution ?

Thank you

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Hi Ahmed, if I understand correctly, you're saying that you have documents which contain these timestamp fields:

  start_date: ...,
  end_date: ...,

And you're trying to create a chart where the x-axis is time. And I think you want to show the number of the documents on the y-axis? Is this correct?

If so, then you can create a visualization using our Visualize app, set the time picker range to be the one you want, and add an X-Axis Bucket with a "Date Histogram" aggregation. When you hit the "Play" icon button, you should see the type of visualization you want. Does this help?


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