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In previous versions of Kibana, it was possible to create a date histogram which also shows the total count of document results from all dates per series. It seems that newer kibana versions doesn't support this option any more.

For example:
There were 8420 success documents matched to the given dates.

Another example:

In current Kibana version it's missing:

My guess is that previous versions (like Kibana 3) used ElasticSearch Facets API - which was later replaced by Aggregations API. I guess it isn't possible to get this count right from the query in the new API.

However, there are pipeline aggregations, including Sum Bucket Aggregation. So technically it is possible, but not available through Kibana aggregations in the visualization editor.

Is there a workaround here? It is important when you want to make sure that no failure documents were written - something that it is hard to notice just from the visualization.

I'm using Kibana 5.6.10.

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Can you please log an enhancement request here?


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