Can Kibana create a pie chart and table where one of the variables is from the past


Not sure how to best describe it in the title. Basically, I will be reading a log file. That log file contains log entries when people uplift a file from the server. I am needing to produce both a gauge, and a table show those that have not received the file for that day.

To try and explain, here is some API calls to show a mock up

Create an index

PUT test
    "settings" : {
        "number_of_shards" : 1
    "mappings" : {
            "properties" : {
                "name": { "type": "keyword"},
                "status": { "type": "keyword"}

And some data

POST test/_bulk
{ "create": {} }
{"@timestamp": "2021-06-05T16:21:15.000Z","name" : "harold","status" : "RECEIVED"}
{ "create": {} }
{"@timestamp": "2021-06-05T16:21:15.000Z","name" : "patty","status" : "RECEIVED"}
{ "create": { } }
{ "@timestamp": "2021-06-03T16:21:15.000Z","name" : "harold","status" : "RECEIVED"}
{ "create": { } }
{"@timestamp": "2021-06-03T16:21:15.000Z","name" : "patty","status" : "RECEIVED"}
{ "create": { } }
{"@timestamp": "2021-06-03T16:21:15.000Z","name" : "bob","status" : "RECEIVED"}

Now, what I am wanting is a chart to show, that on the 5/6, we received two out of three documents (assume total quantity is count of unique people over the last 7 days), and the missing person is bob (so teams can understand why bob did not receive the file)

Also, after a table that shows the same information in tabular form. Days as the columns, people as the rows.

I did see this post from 2017: I want to create a gauge that displays number of documents in a certain timeslice vs total documents - Elastic Stack / Kibana - Discuss the Elastic Stack, but wondering if anything has changed since then or not?

Is this even possible?

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Welcome to our community! :smiley:
And thanks heaps for making the effort to explain what you want, AND provide a replication of it!

What about a heatmap, like;

Thanks Mark.
I have played around with this, and it might just work. Next question around the heat map. However, I now want/need to expand this. Looking at the log lines in more detail, the Status field has other values, or COMPLETE, ERROR, RECEIVED and PROCESSED. Can I make the heat map reflect these values. I can see the colour is based on the count of entries, but is it possible to use another field?

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