TSVB Metric to display score change

Hi there,

I have a TSVB metric w/ a cumulative sum that shows the "Score" for the environment and I'm looking at adding a 2nd metric to the same visualization to display +/- offset (score change) over the last 7 days. Could someone please guide me on which specific function and criteria I need to represent this?



A derivative aggregation of a cumulative sum seems to be the answer here. The problem I have now is that I don't have data for every single day so the offset 7d does not truly represents 7 consecutive days, it represents 7 days where I have data. Need to figure out how to approach this last part ...

Hi @azulgrana
Are you just saying you want the serial difference from 7 Days ago?
So today is 95 last week was 98 so show -3?
Day before was 77 and 7 days before was 85 so show +8?

Pretty Sure you can do that in Lens with Serial Difference and Offset... take a look, I will to

Think use Lens formula


Now cumulative Sum let me see..something like

Thanks @stephenb I will this a try

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