TVSB add 12 month line to existing visualisation

Hi All

I have an existing suite of visualizations (TSVB) that show metrics over the past week.

I would like to add a line to this TSVB visualization showing the same metric over the last 12 months so current weekly ups and downs can be compared against the trend for the past year within the single visualization.

By way of an example, imagine a visualization showing the free disk space on your computer each hour over the past week. I'd like to plot a line showing the same free disk metric over the past year too?

Is this possible?



Hi @johnwood

That is not possible today AFAIK, today in TSVB there is only 1 "length" of time range for a graph. i.e. not multiple X-Axis lengths

Your Options are

  1. Create 2 separate visualizations and stack them.

  2. You can put 2 weeks offset by 1 year on the same graph if you like e.g. this week and this week 1 year ago. I can show you how to do that, use the Offset series time by (1m, 1h, 1w, 1d) setting under series options.

  3. I was looking at adding a long moving average but that is not really what you want either.

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