Average week in TSVB


I have an index where each timestamp is associated with an indicator.
Inside TSVB, I can represent the maximum value for this indicator over the last seven days just fine and this gives me a line series with one point every 60 minutes.
Now, I would like to add a second line series that represent the same hourly intervals but with data from the past, say for instance, from 3 month ago.
Can this be done directly inside TSVB? I could not find a way to do it in the interface, but I as I'm new to all this, I may have missed something.
If it cannot be done inside TSVB, could you suggest a way to do this?


It sounds like this can be solved with the "Offset series time" option in the options of the series:

Just clone your existing series and just change this single setting, then you should have a comparison to the indicator three months ago.


Thanks, I had not noticed the Options tab, it is indeed what I need.

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