How can i change the x-axis labels for a date format in Kibana

How can i change the x-axis labels for a date format in Kibana.
Please see the below screenshot.

In below x-axis i want to change the date format and reduce the width

There is a global option that allows you to do this globally in Settings >> Advanced >> dateFormat:scaled.
Change the default value to this, for instance, and you'll see date only even if data points are bucketed hourly:

["", "hh:mm:ss.SSS"],
["PT1S", "HH:mm:ss"],
["PT1M", "HH:mm"],
["P1DT", "YYYY-MM-DD"],
["P1YT", "YYYY"]

If you always, always just want date, you can also make it simple and enter:

[["", "YYYY-MM-DD"]]

Please note though, this applies to all date ranges for all visualisations.

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I have the same issue. I'm using Kibana 4.1.0.

However, in my case - a Date Range aggregation - dateFormat:scaled seems not to be the relevant setting.

I want, for example, "9am to 10am" (that is, format "ha") as an x-axis label, but I'm getting the full "MMMM Do YYYY, HH:mm:ss.SSS" format, which is the default format specified by the dateFormat setting, not the dateFormat:scaled setting: the formatted x-axis label values match this dateFormat pattern, not any of the patterns specified by dateFormat:scaled.

Setting dateFormat to "ha" works, but I don't want to specify "ha" as the global value for all cases; just for a particular visualization (I can also live with "just for a particular dashboard").

Is it possible to "inject" a value for dateFormat into the Kibana URL (query string), to override the global setting? (I'm already programmatically building the URL, so this is no extra burden.)

I thought perhaps specifying:

{ "format": "ha" }

in the JSON Input field for the Date Range aggregation might work, but nope.

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It's better if you start your own thread please, this one is pretty old.