The Kibana graph label of the date can't be changed in its format

I use Elastic Cloud with v.8.6.2 of ES and Kibana.
I used to change the Date format like this YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss of the advanced settings at v.7 for the graph's date format of Kibana.
After the version of Kibana graded up to v.8, the graph's date seems to remain in its default format pattern. Why is this? Should I change some other settings?

Hi @m-amano

Since 8.x a new date histogram time axis has been adopted by visualizations, where the date information is layered within 2/3 lines rather than having just a single date line string, so no particular string formatting is applied to the date.
The new axis format is much more compact and should be more readable than previous version.

However, it is possible to revert the axis to the old version via Advanced Settings:

I will try that. Thanks!

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