How can I check the avaiability of a Heartbeat monitor in Elasticsearch?

I have a few monitors in heartbeat which I am going to plan a few alerts. One of the alerts should be aiming for the avaiability of a monitor in the uptime in a range of a whole period of time (could be a day or a month). So it wont be alerting as soon as a monitor gets "down" but when the avaiability falls into a certain level (like < 80% or something like that).
screenshot of the uptime page

The thing is, I have yet to find a way to find this column in the elasticsearch so I could make a query for the alert. Is there a column with this avaiability or is it just an inside calculation between the ratio between the "up" in monitors and the "down" ones?

For aditional context, once I have the avaiability taken. If it reaches a certain level, the alert will write a message into the index so the Elastalert2 (the tool we use for opening tickets in our management API) will take the message and trigger an alert for the team.

Hi @SamuelSMendes What version of the stack?

Uptime -> Alert and Rules -> Monitor Status Rules

Is this what you are looking for?

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Now that's embarassing. It was just what I was looking for, just needed to scroll down. Thanks a lot!

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