Monitoring services by elastic stack

hi plz some can help me:
how can i monito services by elastic for example to monitor status of service if service like (httpd or mysql ) is up or down????

Have a look at heartbeat and Kibana Uptime application.

In short, start elasticsearch, start Kibana, go to Kibana frontpage and follow the instructions...

@dadoonet thnx for u r reply....plz can u explain more bcz in uptime i have just URLS wich i monitor

I don't understand what the problem is. Could you clarify and maybe share what you did so far?

@dadoonet you said to look at uptime uptime i have just URLS wich i monitor but i'am asking about monitoring status services like (mysql or httpd)

Did you configure heartbeat?

@dadoonet i use heartbeat for pinging Urls,i dont know how can i use it to monitor services like apache and mysql

You can also monitor tcp connections with heartbeat.

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