Uptime alert when Elastic/kibana service is down

I've added Elastic and Kibana's URLs to monitors and enabled uptime alerts on Slack.

I want to know if I will get an alert or not if the kibana service is down and not loading on web?

Hi @theacodes What are you using to generate the uptime Alerts? What Version are you on?

Hi @yago82 and just to be precise,

@theacodes Kibana Alerts and Actions are managed and executed inside Kibana... watchers are generated and executed in elasticsearch.

So if Kibana is down, Kibana Alerts will not be generated.

So the morale of the story is.... don't self-monitor the elastic stack, that is why the best practice is to monitor a production Elastic Stack with a separate monitoring stack


Thanks for the reply @stephenb

can you explain a little bit about a separate monitoring stack
how can I do this....?
like currently I have one single master node hosted on the production

Any reply on this?

Perhaps read this...