How can i color a field based on other field in kibana table?

(Sabyasachi Mallick) #1

i am showing a table in kibana dashboard based on data stored on elastic.i want to show different colors which is dependent on value of another column.
i.e i have a delta_time column and a Goal column (both are numeric) . i want to do field coloring in delta time based on goal value.
I saw various options like numeric field coloring but it did not help me.
is there any other way of doing this . ?

Any help ll be appreciated!!

(Joe Fleming) #2

Not directly, unfortunately. We don't have any functionality to control any aspect of your data based on other data.

You might be able to use a scripted field to show some message, instead of a color, perhaps as another column in the table. That will at least help you highlight whatever issues you are trying to, even if you can't show a color.

(system) #3

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