How can I display multiple fields in a histogram?

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I am using kibana v3.x. I am able to successfully display timeseries data of a single field for a histogram. Now I would do this for multiple fields, being able to accumulate the result fields of the fields. I cant seem to get this working though! I am not too sure if this is even achievable either because I need to stipulate one field when I select a chart value of min,mean,max or total. I dont need to state the field when I select count! I can use the query tab(within the histogram settings) and select the appropriate query but I am not sure how this can work when I have already selected a field??? Can someone please help?

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I have included examples of the difference between mean and count.



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Any help on this would be much appreciated.

(Tyler Smalley) #4

I can't speak to Kibana 3, but this is easily achievable in recent versions of Kibana.

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