How can I establish the external links using Discover url link?

I made the following Discover table using Kibana 7.15.

After that, I clicked the first row link of the msds-original column and encountered the following screen.

What I expect here is that the address bar content will be "file:///home/philos/work/metapdf/resources/msds/s3/companies/강남제비스코/68238.pdf",

not "http://localhost:5601/app/file:///home/philos/work/metapdf/resources/msds/s3/companies/강남제비스코/68238.pdf".

How can I remove the "http://localhost:5601/app/" part to click and see the pdf file directly in my browser(Chrome)?

Thanks, in advance!


Can you please check if using field formatters - (change it to url) helps you?


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Thanks for the reply.

My answer:

Yes, I used the field formatter Link feature. So I coiud click the link "file:///home/philos/work/metapdf/resources/msds/s3/companies/강남제비스코/68238.pdf" part and move to the "Application Not Found" error screen.

If I had not used the link feature, I could't have clicked the link. So I couldn't have moved to the error screen.

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