How can I filter Suggestions

I have an index for items, and I am making a suggest query on top of it like this below. It is working fine, but I want to include the item in suggestions list only if it is active and not sold. I am trying to do it through context, but not able to add to the context a boolean field, I already have added a context for geo-point to the schema and data, but not sure

  1. how can I add a boolean context,
  2. And how can I make a and condition for 2 context check, as I have 2 fields for active and sold.

Kindly help if you want experience with this, thanks.

"suggest": {
"name": {
"prefix": "something",
"completion": {
"field": "name.completion",
"fuzzy": {
"fuzziness": 1,
"transpositions": true,
"min_length": 3,
"prefix_length": 1,
"unicode_aware": false,
"max_determinized_states": 10000

Trying to add boolean context, I found you can only add contexts of type "geo_point" and "category". I am trying to add category context with boolean value, but it is returning an error that boolean can not a value for category context, but as my understanding I can put boolean values for a category context.

I am new to ES, please correct me if I am wrong, and describe the correct way of making a check on active/inactive with suggestions on name field of an item.

how about just having a string "true" or "false" instead of a boolean in the category context?

how can I convert boolean to string to fill in context. The index is primarily structured to make queries for list of items, where each item has active status as boolean. I want to use the same field in the suggestion context to only suggest items which are active. Your idea can work only if, I convert the active field in the actual record also, which is then used to fill in the context.