How can I generate a full Elasticsearch configuration?

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I have only basic settings in the elasticsearch.yml file. I configured the rest of the elasticsearch settings using the REST API. I wonder whether it is possible to generate a full configuration containing the settings set in the file elasticsearch.yml, REST API etc.?

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Hi John,

There isn't a way to generate an elasticsearch.yml with all these settings, but you can retrieve every setting that ES supports with:

GET /_cluster/settings?include_defaults=true

Which will return all the settings and their default values from the REST API

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Hi Lee,

Thank you for your answer. It seems to be working properly but why there are no such fields for instance like number_of_replicas or max_thread_count?

(Lee Hinman) #4

Some of these settings are a little special, but I agree that they should be included in the output, if you are not seeing them can you open an issue at so they can be added?

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