How can I install esrally to different directory?

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right now, esrally is installed to the home directory, which seems to be the default. But the home directory on my machine is on the boot drive, and I would like to have esrally install and run elasticsearch in a different location for testing purposes because the other location is mapped to a larger and faster drive.

Can I move esrally to a different location? Or is there a way to reinstall it to a different directory? Thanks

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is it enough to run
esrally configure --advanced-config and set the benchmark data directory to /my/other/location/.rally ? Or is that only for storing the data before indexing?
Do I also have to list --car-params="data_paths:'/my/other/location/elasticsearch' ? when running the race?

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yes, the approach you describe is sufficient. Unfortunately, Rally's message "Enter the benchmark data directory" is a bit misleading. This actually affects (almost) everything that Rally is storing including any cached downloads of Elasticsearch, the Elasticsearch source checkout (if relevant) and so on. You do not need to specify anything special in your benchmarks.

The only file that is not covered by this configuration and that can get a bit large is Rally's log file in ~/.rally/logs/rally.logs. You can customize the path in ~/.rally/logging.json if needed.


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I noticed after I posted that rally started the elasticsearch node in the benchmarks/races/{datetime}/ directory, so setting the "benchmark data directory" would also set the elasticsearch directory.
As an additional note for anyone following the thread: The user running rally has to have read, write, and execute permissions on the benchmark data directory, since you can't run esrally with sudo.

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yes, that's what I meant when I said that Rally referring to that directory only as "benchmark data directory" is confusing. It is storing everything in there and we will reword the message.

Any reason why you wanted to run Rally with sudo privileges?


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I have now created to change the wording. The change will be released with Rally 1.0.2.


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